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In This Vol-016:
Color Recipes:

1A. Soft Melon
2A. Orange Lipstick
3A. Day Lily Coral
4A. Black Violet

Video Topics:

1. Calla Lily Beads
2. Butterfly Pendant
3. Beaded S-Hook Clasp
4. Dogwood Flower Cane

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Customer Reviews (Volume-016):

  • Wow! Your colors are always beautiful but this time I think you have outdone yourself. Amazing!! ~Laurel-B
  • This palette of lily colors is spot on. The next door circle has a dedicated gardener who has planted lilies of every size shape and color imaginable. Just checked the colors this morning… oh, Cindy, the pinks and oranges are perfect, but, wow the black violet is just spot on with hers. It matches the stamens, but also a new variety of lilies she just planted this year. Perfect petal match, just gorgeous. Thank you for the share. ~Jocelyn-C
  • Stunning, that’s all I can say. Orange is my favorite to begin with. ~Ken-H
  • Unbelievable…. I just mixed a fabulous coral color. Your colors are so pretty. ~Melinda-H
  • Cindy, I love the Calla Lilly Beads… You are fantastic. ~Julie-J
  • Thank you Cindy! I did ask about making these a little while ago. I too just love Calla Lilies and I’m really going to enjoy making these! ~Aims
  • I watched the [Calla Lily] video and can’t wait to get started making these beads. Thanks so much, Cindy. You help make the weekends even better than they were before. I love Friday! ~Carol-C
  • Cindy – In regard to Carol’s above comment, something you said this time made me understand why my things were coming out so powdery. Now I know that you don’t want to let your pieces stay in the cornstarch too long before baking. I was just leaving them in before for extended periods of time. My mom has Calla Lily wallpaper in her bathroom and I’ve been trying to make her something as an accent. Now I’ll be able to. Thanks again, Cindy! ~Maria-C
  • Cindy, these are great! Wish my Mom was still here, she loved these lilies and was one of the few who could get them to grow in her home as potted plants. Home was a jungle, especially in the years we all were in and out of college living situations. She saved more plants…and they loved her for it. As a matter of fact, think I will attempt a bouquet of these lilies to put in one of her miniature vases she collected on her memorial shelf I’ve set up here. It will give me comfort and joy to see them next to her pictures and other memorabilia, daily. ~Jocelyn-C
  • How fabulous. I tried my hand at some of these [Calla Lily Beads] before the video BUT they weren’t quite a pretty as yours…. you make it look so very easy! ~Melinda-H
  • There you go making me want to do some more beads.. LOL and you make it look so dang easy [Calla Lily Beads]. I will show you mine when I can get to them. ~Donna-I
  • For me, the more [ideas you provide], the better! Not that I don’t think of a bazillion things to do anyway, but seeing lots of different possibilities can trigger the imagination and also get you to consider something which you might otherwise ignore. For example, the gerbera cane is totally not my kind of thing, but later seeing the calla lily bead made from a gerbera petal cane made me decide to try the technique anyway (but not in pink ;D), including for long, sword-like leaves which are a logical extension. ~Sue-F
  • I’m looking forward to spending some time making those calla lilies Cindy. And btw – thank you for all the work you do helping us. I know I would not have been able to accomplish what I have done in such a short time if it weren’t for you and your tutorials and generous help. Thank you. ~Aims
  • This is a wonderful tutorial.  And a splendid wedding picture!!!  Wow.  Thanks for sharing that bit of your private life with us. ~Fran-V
  • Cindy: How do you do it! I mean you are so busy, blog, twitter, videos and all the great advise. I absolutely love the butterfly pendant. I am even going to try to use the ginko leaf cutter to make some butterfly pins. Your brain must continue working and spinning even when you sleep. Or do you sleep? As I said as long as you continue I will follow. You amaze me every minute. Thanks again for all your talent. You are a true artist. Truely inspired. ~Peggy-B
  • Wow! I’m really looking forward to learning how to use the eyelets in my work … should make it look even more professional! Another winning video Cindy [Butterfly Pendant Jewelry]. Thanks again and again! ~Maria-C
  • I wish I could borrow the creative part of your brain for just a little while so I could see how your mind completes one beautiful idea and then morphs it into something completely different in the blink of an eye. This came to you while you were cleaning up your work space no less! Since we can’t get into your head, you will just have to keep those creative juices flowing and continue to allow us to be part of the magic. ~Elizabeth-S
  • I just love your butterfly and i would want to keep it for myself as well. Just another thing for me to try, If only we could make clay hours to do it all in I would make a years supply lol, I have never spent so much time on the computer until I became a member of yours its just great. Cindy you are special. ~Ritzs
  • Love the butterfly Cindy. Love the cane and I love you!!! Can’t wait until my next day off so I can play with these new ideas! ~Melinda-H
  • It truly amazes me on how creative your mind is, you get a flash of inspiration, I need to be struck by that lightning bolt before something “dawns” on me. Beautiful pendant. ~Ken-H
  • My first butterfly pendant :) It was such fun. Cindy, your tutorials demonstrate clear steps and they’re very easy to follow. ~Phoenix-F
  • Yes, yes, a big yes for the poppy beads! Please show us how to make them! I just saw the bracelet in this week’s [Beaded S-Hook] video and the poppies look spectacular. I love every new technique you come up with and this kind of video would be so helpful. Modeling is not my forte and seeing how you make sculptural beads just pushes me to go beyond my abilities. I also enjoyed the calla lily beads and the roses. Thank you, Cindy! ~Squash
  • This was just the coolest idea!! I love this clasp. Cindy you are marvelous!! ~Ifama-J
  • This clasp is beautiful and looks easy to do.  I have seen other demo’s of this type of clasp, but seeing how you do it makes the process understandable… and the others didn’t include a center bead!  Thank you again for a wonderful video! Please keep the wire working with polymer clay bead videos coming. ~Sue-W
  • Cindy, that was great [Beaded-S-Hook Clasp Tutorial]. Will be doing that for a while, just need a bigger anvil. I feel sorry for the people who don’t subscribe to your website, they are really missing out. ~Bonnie-K
  • Ok, change of plans. I will not shop today (unless I run out of clay) (oh my gosh, how scary) or do laundry. I will not cook unless the ingredients are clay and copper wire. Cindy, awesome video! Again! And I agree with Bonnie. People are missing out! I feel bad for them too. Thank you Friday Sunshine! ~KlayKisses
  • I have just finished making s clasps and jump rings but mine are only plain, I love the idea of the bead I cant wait for Friday it is my highlight of the week. I am sitting in my workroom looking out at the five sheep we borrow, to keep the grass down. I wonder how they would look with a nice big pmc necklace, ha,ha, well maybe not. You are better Cindy than all the xmas gifts I have ever had thank you a thousand times. ~Ritzs
  • I’m so excited to make this! I just finished watching the [Dogwood Flower] video and I wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying my membership (so much so, in fact, that I bought three back-issues today!). I’m definitely the “see and immediately want to try it” type. I taught myself knitting, crocheting, and the beginnings of viking knit, but it really is nice to have another person teach (since my mom does not know any of the above, she couldn’t show me…) Thanks for having such a great resource. ~Katie-C
  • Loved the Dogwood flower cane. The dogwood flowers we see here in North Georgia are either white or pink – and they are the most beautiful trees when in bloom. Next year I’ll get some pictures for you if I remember. ~Doug-K
  • Hi Cindy, Just love all the videos I have been watching lately. The Gerbera cane has been a hit and I have watched it a dozen times and have made and remade it. Love the Butterfly pendant made with the leaf shapes. I am so enamoured with it sent away to buy the leaf shapes and will be doing that next. Love the Dogwood flower cane and am now attempting more flower canes because of your great tuition on how to. Will be back with pics when I get some work done. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Well as usual I can’t help but mess with a technique! I had the idea of a red 5-petalled flower pendant so I was messing around making blends when I remembered about this video, and decided to use the same stamen idea for my cane, with a different petal shape and a simple lace cane for the centre. I didn’t add a background to the cane, and plan to chill it and slice to make simple pendants – it’s come out kind of Christmassy and I like it. It shows the versatility of this type of cane, that you can make a few simple changes and end up with something very different. I’ll take a picture tomorrow when it’s light so you can see what I mean. ~Silverleaf
  • Having many options is a plus, especially since we can go back and watch the video again later. I love the look of having a variety of techniques in one project. It adds interest. I also love how you show the color combination in a variety of techniques: Beta fish colors in the graffiti beads and dogwood cane. Having a mix of beads to chose from when I am stuck for an idea. ~Anna-S
  • Cindy, that was such a great post to read. I must have said, AHAaaaa, at least five times. Everything was so logical. When I saw the dogwood cane I started conditioning my clay, not realizing anything about size. Well, I conditioned three bars of each color. It took so long and after that I was too tired to do the cane. It really pays to read these blogs. I think they’re so informative. Well, anyhow, I did the dogwood cane and I love it. Thanks, Cindy. I did make one mistake. I forgot to cut a piece off before reducing. I wanted to make earrings and a charm to match. That doesn’t matter, though, because I have plenty of conditioned clay!!!!!!!!!! I have to say it again, I’m sooooo glad I’m a member here. LOVE IT LOVE IT, LOVE IT. Thanks Cindy. ~Helen-S
  • Cindy – I just now got around to trying the dogwood flower cane. My first one came out great! Your video made it so easy! I used a skinner blend of cactus pollen, petunia, villa rosa, and wrapped in brick red. The lines I made in Blue hosta blossom. I really like the look of the flowers backgroundless so I’m going to make some pendants from it. I’ll send a pic when I get them done! Thanks again for a great video! ~Carrie-W
  • Wow, these beads are gorgeous….love the bold colors, especially together with the copper. It’s great to see so many ideas “stem” (lol) from a single [Dogwood] flower cane, what a treat! ~DJ
  • I found the leaf set on Amazon and got it today. I made my first set with the same colors Cindy did, but will soon venture out and make more sets in more colors. This was so easy. I’m glad I made them. Thanks again, Cindy. ~Peg-C

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For me, the more [ideas you provide], the better! Not that I don’t think of a bazillion things to do anyway, but

seeing lots of different possibilities can trigger the imagination and also get you to consider something which you might

otherwise ignore. For example, the gerbera cane is totally not my kind of thing, but later seeing the calla lily bead made

from a gerbera petal cane made me decide to try the technique anyway (but not in pink ;D), including for long, sword-like

leaves which are a logical extension. ~Sue-F