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In This Vol-015:
Color Recipes:

1A. Blue Hosta Blossom
2A. Cafe-o-lait
3A. Stone Hearth
4A. Bitter Cocolate

Video Topics:

1. Graffiti Beads
2. Flower Cane Centers
3. Flower Petal Cane
4. Gerbera Flower Cane

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Customer Reviews (Volume-015):

  • Cindy, this new [Blue Hosta] palette is gorgeous. I love the way you key your selections to the natural world. Thank you for sharing them! ~Jocelyn-C
  • YES!!! I love your recipes! More, more, more! ~Jaime-H
  • The color recipes are one of my VERY favorite parts of this website. ~Deborah-S
  • Those are so fabulous!!! Oh how happy colors make me! ~Melinda-H
  • Cool [Graffiti Beads] technique- love the colors you used… Thanks Cindy! ~Lynn-V
  • Your site is teaching me so much; wish we were neighbors so that I could bring you tea and banana bread while you teach! ~Meg-B
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your videos are worth billions! And now we can print them all on our beads with your great tutorial. Thanks a million Cindy! XOXO ~Jamie-H
  • I am in full agreement with everyone else. This site is the best. Woohoooooooooo… and graffati beads next. I can’t wait til Fridays to see the newest technique. Cindy thank you for all you do and give to us pc groupies. ~Nancy-R
  • Ditto, This has fast become one of the few things I must do every morning. Coffee, email, Cindy’s polymer clay site just to see what’s new…. sometimes I don’t even do the email… just coffee and Cindy to calm my hectic whirlwind. Cindy Lietz’s talent, know-how and willingness to share it all, combined with this supportive, inquisitive group of artists, new and old makes an incredibly unique, enjoyable, need-to-have-in-my-life place. I can’t thank you all enough! Fabulous!!! Terribly interested to actually see how someone else makes a flower cane… especially you Cindy. Incredibly excited about the graffiti beads… trying to figure it out before tomorrow but just can’t seem to do it. I know that as soon as I see you do it, it will seem just so easy and I will smack my forehead and utter the proverbial “duh”. Until tomorrow! :) ~Melinda-H
  • Hi Cindy, love the idea about the graffiti bead.  It makes a great bead for a leather cord for a guy. My nephew would like that. I made him a wood looking bead on a short cord but he wanted it shorter so it was tight on his neck. I guess that’s how they wear them. ~Bonnie-K
  • OK now you’ve got my mind going 90 to nothing!!! And me here at work instead of home in my studio! I’ve been making some of those hammered copper bookmarks that you featured a while back and needed something that was more masculine. I can also see where this [Graffiti] would be great for doing personalized items… hmmmmm… I THINK I can see how you did these so I’m going to go home and play! I’ll let you know if they turn out. ~Arlene-H
  • Hi Cindy, a few weeks ago I was having trouble getting your videos. You emailed me to try to help. Well I found out what was wrong and am back in business. Have just caught up to the most recent ones on the Gerbara canes, so am enthralled that I  will be able to continue now. In case anyone else has this trouble, I will explain. My computer was upgraded to Internet Explorer 8, and after that was when I could not get any videos to work. I finally went to Micro soft FAQs and found out how to bring back my videos by turning off a information bar and whala! there I am back in business again. It worked. It was like having withdrawal symptoms not being able to see my weekly videos. So Cindy , thanks for your great work helping us all become good polyclayists. Your videos are a joy to watch and have taught me so much. l loved the Raku and now the Gerbera ones. I look forward to Fridays when I can see whats going on. All the best. ~Elizabeth-K
  • WOW Cindy!! I have been waiting for this one and cannot wait to get started. My brain is on fire right now with the future possibilities of this [Graffiti Bead Making] technique. Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Pictures to come…This time I mean it. I get carried away and then go M.I.A. in my craft room and forget about my friends. Yes, guilty as charged. My punishment should be to get sent to my room. Okay, if I have to….shucky-darn! See ya soon! ~KlayKisses
  • Very cool! I love the way the words stretch out of shape funky like. If you used small letter stamps you could do peoples names too.  Of course the name could not be real long but it would be a fun thing to do. I am anxious to try this technique. Thanks Cindy for keeping us inspired. ~Laurel-B
  • I really love this one [Graffiti Bead Tutorial]! I’ve been spending most of my free time oil painting lately, but this technique makes my clay call out to me quite loudly!  I’m going to try this soon! Thanks for sharing as always :) Hugs to you! ~Cindy-E
  • Thanks and love learning all of your wonderful techniques. It would be fun to see what people make – I’m working on a use for the grafitti beads – very cute!!! Thanks! ~Linda-K
  • Wooooooohooooooooo, I’ll say it again. Can’t wait to get started on these [Graffiti] beads. Great technique, did not expect the way you did this at all. thanks once again Cindy for a great video. ~Nancy-R
  • Well, I tried this technique last night. As you know I was very excited about it. Well I will tell you the trials I had with this technique. I kept digging in too deep I guess, I kept cutting off at least one letter on each word. I am gathering that I did not press hard enough on the clay with my stamp.Will try another batch today, I was able to get one successful bead. Thanks again Cindy for these wonderful tutorials. It is great to be able to clay along with the tutorial at your own pace. ~Nancy-R
  • OHHHHHHHH I knew I shouldn’t have balled up my last attempt at the torn water color clay, the colors would have worked great for thes Graffiti Bead technique…really cool tut!. ~Tina-A
  • I agree with Jocelyn. Your flower cane is fantastic and the graffiti beads were fun… in fact. I’m going to make key chains for all the nurses charts at work with the graffiti design so we can quickly tell them apart… Thank you for the fabulous ideas, the wonderful instruction, igniting our creative muse, and the place where we can all communicate and exchange these ideas. ~Melinda-H
  • Having many options is a plus, especially since we can go back and watch the video again later. I love the look of having a variety of techniques in one project. It adds interest. I also love how you show the color combination in a variety of techniques: Beta fish colors in the graffiti beads and dogwood cane. Having a mix of beads to chose from when I am stuck for an idea. I hope you are not running out of ideas. ~Anna-S
  • Thank heavens for the video library from which I can “check out” a tutorial any time I want to review a particular lesson. Otherwise I would never keep up with all the wonderful techniques in your repertoire. Can’t wait for the cane work tuts!  As always, my thanks. ~Elizabeth-S
  • Thank you Cindy for the wonderful tutorial on Flower Cane Centers. I made several of them last night and I was very pleased with my progress :-) ~Ariti
  • You just won’t believe that I sat ALL Thursday making flower canes! Just watched the video, great idea with the extruder. Looking forward to the next instalment, my flowers look different to the one pictured, so that’ll be a nice addition. Many many thanks Cindy! ~Polyanya
  • I had to try it. Combined both of your techniques, Cindy, just fooling around, to try and get a center that would mimic the blanket flower. Laid out the spiral cane, but then before rolling it up, added side ways wise snakes of double wrapped clay along the top, then rolled. Dimension, dots, and spiral, all in one slice. Came out well, really liked it, and will do more. Could never have imagined it without that great [Flower Cane] video! Thanks! ~Jocelyn-C
  • Goody, goody, goody!! More canes! I’m a bit of a cane-aholic. It is one of the first things I started making when I found polymer clay a loooong time ago. And I have amassed quite a collection by now. I’m familiar with the lace cane and with the jelly roll too. But as usual Cindy, you have put your own very cool spin on them. I especially like the use of the scraps. And the extruder cane I love! Who would have thunk of that? Why Cindy of course! That’s why we love ya sweety! Cant wait for part 2 and 3. Come on Friday! (oh wait, it is friday, hee hee hee!)  XOXO ~Jamie-H
  • Yay! It’s Friday….another wonderful video Cindy! Cannot wait for the next several which will show the flower components all coming together. Think my first attempt will be with the blanket flower. I love the oranges, reds, yellows in this flower.  Cannot wait to see how it comes out! ~Jocelyn-C
  • FLOWER CANE! My heart skipped a beat when I read this! Nature and flowers are the biggest source of my inspiration. I have fiddled around with flower canes but have a hard time getting realistic effects in the petals. God bless you, Cindy Lietz. I can’t wait!! ~Carrie-W
  • Oh Cindy, I am so excited to know how to make this petal cane!! I have asked others, how they made their pedals and all I ever heard is that it was too complicated to tell me. Well now I know. Thank you sooooooooooo much!!! ~Stephanie-B
  • Enjoyed this weeks Gerbera petal Video. You make it look so easy and I no longer am hesitate about doing canes. Once again Thank you for all your hard work. ~Illaya-B
  • Ahaha, Cindy you say “I hope you find this interesting.” What an understatement. I was riveted and amazed through this entire video watching you create this petal cane. What a wonderful effect the offsetting makes. Avoided stuff that looked like this forever, but, you are right, after watching this video it is easy. Cannot wait to try it. Thank you so much for another stunning tut/video! ~Jocelyn-C
  • Ok, once again the guru of clay has amazed me. This technique seems so do-able…now that I have visual watched you create this part of the cane. Cindy, thanks as always for being a great tutor. Going to work on this technique tonight… I’ll post my good and bad happenings. ~Nancy-R
  • Cindy, I’ve just made a petal cane using your tutorial. It was easy to do and looks GREAT!! I want to make some calla lily pendants and earrings for a friend. Your Lily sample has a unique wire wrap and sets off the bead nicely. How did you wrap it? Please tell! Love your ideas and easy to follow video instruction. Keep them coming! ~Lynn-V
  • Cindy, you are a saint! I don’t know what it is about your teaching methods, but watching you just makes things click in my head! Don’t think I’ll get much sleep this weekend but I sure will have a lot of canes!! ~Carrie-W
  • Cindy, The flower petal cane tutorial was awesome!!! Thanks so much for all you do! I love coming home from work Friday mornings and seeing your emails!!! Gotta go get more clay!! ~Pam-M
  • Certainly I feel that if you wanted to learn how to make functional beautiful flower canes, this is the series to purchase. You get the color palettes and skills to start using the gerba daisy cane, but just about any other petalled center flower can be made from adjusting the colors or the petal shape, using Cindy’s base techniques and excellent design variations. When I think of my lousy results, year after year, finally giving up after countless scrap clay efforts, that I could have come here and had the process mastered for such a small cost in such a short time, these beautiful canes the result…well, it almost makes me want to weep for that time lost. But, I cannot.  Because now I know how to do it, I can do it, and I will do it.  So now, perhaps, I will shed a few tears of joy. Thank you Cindy for helping me to master a much needed skill!!! ~Jocelyn-C
  • Lovely Cindy, I’ve been dying to know how to make that one and just couldn’t figure it out – I kept trying to reverse the slices instead of lifting – which of course gives another look. Thank you again. ~Polyanya
  • Thank you so much for the brand new flower pedal!!!! I’ve never seen this one before and I’m so very excited!!! ~Melinda-H
  • Cindy, I love how you show how versatile a single cane can be. I used the video last week and as always the directions are easy to follow and a definite inspiration to us claybees. I have made several of each cane that you showed us last week. Can’t wait for Friday to incorporate the next step. ~Nancy-R
  • Cindy, this video is totally amazing. How do you ever figure these things out? I was watching and thinking okay, next she is going to…. and I was totally wrong and amazed. I saw you slice the block and thought, well that is a interesting way to slice before forming the petals and “Presto Chango” you made it into another log, several times. If anyone has doubts about becoming a member, this video is an example of how fortunate we are to have access to these lessons. ~Anna-S
  • For me, the more [ideas you provide], the better! Not that I don’t think of a bazillion things to do anyway, but seeing lots of different possibilities can trigger the imagination and also get you to consider something which you might otherwise ignore. For example, the gerbera cane is totally not my kind of thing, but later seeing the calla lily bead made from a gerbera petal cane made me decide to try the technique anyway (but not in pink ;D), including for long, sword-like leaves which are a logical extension. ~Sue-F
  • Was out picking my blanket flowers for a bouquet to give a neighbor when your gerber daisy video came. Immediately saw the resemblance in form, and you are right, just need to tweak the color combos. Using your techniques, it will be beautiful, I am sure. ~Jocelyn-C
  • This is wonderful, Cindy. It answers so many question I didn’t know how to ask. Will enjoy this [Gerbera] technique tremendously. Thanks so much! ~Joyce-M
  • Very good tutorial today. I’m so glad you kept your cane at a reasonable size…. I’ve seen lots of sites where they use literally pounds of clay to make a cane. I would just sit back amazed and astounded at the sheer volume of clay and huge amt of money. Now eventually I got past that hurdle and scaled back measurements for my canes and eventually learned the little tips you freely gave out in these tutorials. I really wish I had this a year ago. Fabulous teaching!!!! AND I love the pedal which is different than any of the pedals I’ve learned before and the center made by the extruder is GREAT!!!! It makes such a nice natural center. I will definitely be using that center a lot! Thanks. ~Melinda-H
  • Your site is the best! I am a newbie and have learned so much from your tutorials. I said a loud “yes” when I saw that you would be doing the Gerbera Daisy which was on the top of my list for learning. Thanks again for all the time and hard work that goes into keeping us all so happy! I, too, can’t wait until Fridays now. ~Catherine-R
  • Hi Cindy, I tried the Gerbera Flower cane, and it’s the most beautiful cane I’ve made yet! I’m looking forward to seeing more of them. I just love all your videos! I never thought of making beads with my polymer clay canes until I found your website. ~Betsy-B
  • As always thank you for the wonderful teaching. I fired up the Gerbera Flower Cane video yesterday and actually made one as I watched, stopping and rewinding as I needed to until I finished all the steps. It felt like you were right here–it was very cool (and my cane is, too). ~Elizabeth-S
  • Hi Cindy, Just love all the videos I have been watching lately. The Gerbera cane has been a hit and I have watched it a dozen times and have made and remade it. Love the Butterfly pendant made with the leaf shapes. I am so enamoured with it sent away to buy the leaf shapes and will be doing that next. Love the Dogwood flower cane and am now attempting more flower canes because of your great tuition on how to. Will be back with pics when I get some work done. ~Elizabeth-K
  • Wow!  Now that was one excellent tutorial series, Cindy.  Thank you!  I learned so much and had so much fun trying each of the components! Finally, someone demonstrated the need and proper procedure for adding the registration line.  Now I understand why so many of my ealier attempts at canes failed.  By trying to reduce them by rolling them like a snake, the inner contents got all twisted and irregular. So many wonderful tips, and the final result is spectacular.  Due to the nature of the flower chosen, many other natural flowers can be done using the same techniques but changing the colors: blanket flowers, ox-eyed daisies, sunflowers, primroses, phlox, marsh pinks, violets, genetians (ahaha, can tell I have the wildflower book out now…). Just an incredible value for the cost of membership and one series of videos. ~Jocelyn-C

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Hi Cindy, I read all the messages you send and I’m sure you get tired of hearing this over and over, but I can’t express how much I like getting my e-mail saying that another one of your videos is ready for viewing. I received the one about making the clasps, and I thought “no-no-no I want you to teach me polymer clay, not metal work”… but as usual, I watched it and it contained extra information I had not thought of and hadn’t learned in the class I took. I thought the same about the texture video… “I don’t use those and don’t like them” but after watching, I got all these other ideas that I could do. Thanks so much for making these tutorials… they are definitely worth the money! ~Kim