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In This Vol-010:
Color Recipes:

1A. Pink Hydrangea
2A. Purple Hyacinth
3A. Mint Tea
4A. Chamomile Tea

Video Topics:

1. Basic Leaf Cane Pt1
2. Basic Leaf Cane Pt2
3. Veined Leaf Cane Pt1
4. Veined Leaf Cane Pt2

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Customer Reviews…

  • “I enjoy all your colors you have come up with. Thank goodness you do not mind sharing your color mixtures. Thank you Cindy.” ~Lynn
  • “Enjoyed this tutorial on the leaf cane. Loved what you did with the multiple pieces. I had wondered how it was done. Thanks.” ~Adrienne
  • “Beautiful color recipe combination! They remind me of Easter and Spring for sure! Thanks :)” ~Cindy
  • “Beautiful colors! I’m glad you can envision colors. Nature is a great source for inspiration and living in Arizona I enjoy the earth tones of the desert, the wonderful colors from our cactus and wildflowers, the color influence from Mexico and of course the sunsets. Trying to duplicate them is a tough one for me. Have you ever considered doing a southwest color palette? Wouldn’t it be fun to do a series on colors from around the world, tulips from Holland, the waters of Aruba, colors from the rain forest! Wow one could stay a wake all night just dreaming up colors. As a very new clayer I find your website very informative, you’re a very gifted person.” ~Jeanne
  • “I just finished watching part 2 of your leaf cane video. You did a very nice job of making it look as simple as it really is. Lots of clayers are intimidated by the thought of cane work because it looks so complex. But you explained it very nicely. I liked that you mentioned about saving some of the cane in the larger size. I didnt get that idea for some time, much to my regret more than once! I especially liked that you showed how to make a more complicated cane by using the simple one that you made. For some reason this idea seems to escape some beginners who think they can only use the cane in the original form. And I also liked the idea with the lentil bead. Another example of thinking outside the “mold” as it were, that might not occur to those just starting out. I cant wait for the next one! XOXO” ~Jaime
  • “Thank you so much, Cindy. I love your leaf canes! Thanks for incorporating so many different ideas into one video! Bravo to you!!! :)” ~CindyE
  • “Canes always mesmerize me! That leaf is beautiful!” ~Lindsay
  • “Nice job on this video. Really shows the student the process quite nicely. Looking forward to the next video.” ~AL
  • “Hello Cindy! I made a leaf cane using the technique you showed us this last week, and it was awesome! I made it to make a very special necklace for my 3rd anniversary with my fiance. I truly appreciate your time and energy, and everything you put into your tutorials and website.” ~Karrah
  • “I just tried making refrigerator magnets with lots of my small flower and leaf canes, and they came out great. This morning I went to your web site after seeing your email, and saw the idea of a badge lanyard out of beads. I have to wear a badge at work (computer programming for nearly 33 years) to get in the doors – how cool to have a lanyard out of beads I made! So now I’m going to start making beads. Thanks for introducing me to a whole new artistic medium!!! I’m off to read up everything I can find on your web site, and I have lots of flower and leaf canes still ready to go. By the end of the day I’ll have beads I made all by myself! This will be fun! Thanks for your wonderful web site!” ~Betsy
  • “Bravo Hun on another great tutorial. You made it look so simple and easy. Wish I’d have seen this when I tried my first ones. I remember trying to follow directions from a book and agonizing over trying to make mine look like the ones in the illustrations. But of course there werent enough pictures. And of course they didnt look very much like leaves when I was done. Unless of course they were some kind of radioactive mutant plant form, LOL! But if I could have watched a good tutorial like yours I have no doubt I would have done much better and much sooner, with lots less frustration. Thanks so much for being you and sharing so generously with everyone the way you do. I know if more people could watch your tutorials, the ranks of clayers would grow exponentially when they saw how easy and fun it really is and passed the word along.XOXO” ~Jaime
  • “Love your Videos. You are the FIRST person to show me how to do a leaf quickly and correctly. THANKS GIRLFRIEND!!!!!” ~Donna
  • “Was glad to see the second tute on the leaf cane. You always do a great job on your videos. Thanks.” ~Adrienne
  • “I finally became a member after finding this site by accident while looking for information on making canes. I followed your veined leaf tutorial and made my first cane today! I made it upside down but it still looks great. I love this site!!!” ~Kim
  • “I just love this site!! it blesses my heart. Your cane tutorials have enlarged my clay making abilities. Thanks. God bless you.” ~Sandra
  • Oh Cindy I just this past week purchased the leaf cane tutorial. Although I knew how to make one, mine weren’t quite coming out right at all, and I needed your help to get my cane just right :). Your tutorials are worth every dime spent! I’ve had two hip surgeries since Sept so I was laid up for the most part. Your videos helped pass the time!  Now that I’m up and on the move I’m ready to get busy in my Studio my husband converted our un-used guest room into for me while I was laid up. I’m soo excited to say I have a “Studio” sounds so professional LOL.  Now to get finished with physical therapy and be able to sit in a chair for extended periods of time I will finally be able to unload my brain of all of the great, beautiful things you have taught me to clay with. Many thanks to all of the hard work you and Doug do every week to provide us all with your fantastic knowledge. Have a great day :) ~Susan-R

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