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In This Vol-009:
Color Recipes:

1A. Petunia
2A. Blossom
3A. Pesto
4A. Blueberry

Video Topics:

1. Extruder Mod Cane
2. Mobius Bead
3. Quick Skinner Blend
4. Trumpet Flower Bead

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Customer Reviews…

  • “Thanks for the up in coming new spring palette… gorgeous colors as usual. One of these days, you will have to explain how you play around with color to come up with these beautiful colors. Do you just sit and look at colors and then play with each of the colors and add a little bit of this color and that color to come up with them? I guess I haven’t played with color enough. I am going to have to devote some time aside from playing with it just to play with color. Thanks for all you do.” ~Lupe
  • “I do love the idea of using nature as a palette and creating Skinner blends. My mom always told me that to match colors, ‘…ask the pansies. If God put it on a flower you can wear it too’. The photo reminds me of her, and makes me want to work on more blends based on nature.” ~TK
  • “Love the mod cane tutorial… you make it look so easy. Great video!” ~Theresa
  • I agree 100% about how easy you make the mod canes! They are by far my favorite to make now. I had been following the directions in a book; rolling logs, slicing, etc. It was so much quicker using the extruder to cut the circles. My favorite way to use them is to reduce them to between 1/4″ and 1/2″ square slice them into thick beads and make bracelets! These canes are sooo cute when reduced that small and people are astounded at the detail, they’d never believe that it takes 10 minutes to make! Keep up the good work!!” ~Carrie
  • “Another great video. Great tips on filling the extruder with clay. I had made a cane before with my new extruder and based on the wonderful tips you shared in this video. I will be pulling it out again. As usual…great job!!!” ~Tinuke
  • “Perfect timing Cindy. I just ordered an extruder last night. Can’t wait to get it and follow your video.” ~Shelly
  • “I never would have figured out how to make this. Really neat technique, tried it and came out great. I got a Makins extruder a couple months ago.” ~Anna
  • “OH I just LOVE THIS CANE!! when I saw it I just had to make it, and it came out so cute that I’m going to make earrings to match, and I’m going to make some for my sister and mom… and everyone else!! I really love your work Cindy, and I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your website. I look forward to more videos!!” ~Crystal
  • “Cindy I really love your videos. I live in a rural area where I don’t have access to workshops, so I really appreciate your workshop-like videos. Last weekend I made a mod cane following the instructions on your video and I was amazed at how easy it was! I have been wanting to work with polymer clay for quite some time, and had even bought some of the supplies. However, I couldn’t get over that hurdle of actually sitting down and making something until I watched your step-by-step videos. Thank you!” ~Karen
  • “I’ve really admired these Mobius beads and am looking forward to this. I just got my extruder and plan to make the mod cane this weekend. Can’t wait to try this out!” ~Sue
  • “Thanks for the video on the mobius bead. Now I can try it! I was given an explanation on how to make them not too long ago, but I forgot. They do make beautiful beads.” ~Lupe
  • “Thanks Cindy, this is a great video. I really learn much better visually, and now I completely understand how to make the mobius bead. Your written instructions are always wonderful, but for me, it is the videos that teach me the most :)” ~Cindy
  • “I like the mobius bead with the spindle. I would have never thought to put that in. That would make it a lot easier to string into wire or beading thread.” ~Lynn
  • “Beautiful! Thank you so much for making the tutorial so quickly – looking forward to making these trumpet flower bead :)” ~Maria
  • “I love these flower beads!! When I saw them for the first time, I had hoped you would do a tutorial on them. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you, keep those wonderful tutorials coming!” ~Theresa
  • “Hi Cindy, Just watched the trumpet bead video and now I know what my mistake was. These beads are beautiful. Your ‘finger gloves’ cracked me up… (yep that was what I was thinking.) Thanks for another great video!” ~Sue
  • “Hi Cindy, I love the Trumpet Flower bead. I noticed in the beginning you had made a pair of earrings from two of the small ones. I’m unable to spend much time working with my clay, but I’m enjoying my membership and learning everything I can for when I can get my hands back in it. Best regards.” ~Lou
  • “These beads are just beautiful. Thanks for the video. I am definitely going to bake my beads on cornstarch. You can really tell the difference in the colors. And it works perfectly for the those particular flowers. Thanks!” ~Lupe
  • “Beautiful, Cindy!!! And I love the length of this video! I am learning soooooo much… now if I could find more time :) Huge hugs to you.” ~Cindy
  • “That is a wonderful way of doing the Skinner Blend! I can hardly wait to try it out!! I have gotten so much help from your tutorials and look forward each week to what you are going to share next.” ~Diana
  • “Now you’re talkin’ Cindy! This is just what I mean about you being such an asset to the polymer clay online community. And you are so generous to share this brilliant idea with all of us. I know this will save myself and many others a load of time. Gotta love that! Thank you so much.(thankin’ lucky stars again for finding your website!) Have a great day.” ~Jaime
  • “Sheer genius, and thanks to be that you are a sharer. Just cut my workload down by such an amount that now I will have time to experiment with more new techniques. This one tip just about paid back a lot of money invested in subscription as a time and clay saver. Congrats, and keep up the great work!” ~Jocelyn
  • “I tried it Cindy, Whoozer so simple and quick. I have dubbed your blend the Lietz Speedy Blend. Great tutorial, I am now using this technique and it really does make the whole blending process so much quicker. What I enjoy the most about your videos, Cindy, are all the little tips that you share not just the main subject. For instance, your method for making the tear drops is a time saver as is the rolling of the sheets. I am becoming a better clayer by being a subscriber. Thank you and many Blessings coming your way.” ~Illaya
  • “Cindy, I watched your video and had to run right down to my studio and try it. I have always had trouble with the Skinner with more than two colors because I have trouble getting the triangles even. This is so much easier. Thanks.” ~Donna
  • “Oh wow… what a brilliant technique! I would never have even thought to do something like this. I have wanted to do some miniature skinner blends for sunset pendants for a while now but couldn’t figure out how to make them small enough. Thank you, thank you thank you! Gotta go roll some teardrops now!!!” ~Deborah
  • “Thanks for sharing the video with all of us, Cindy. I like the fact that you can use so many more colours in the blend.” ~Rosemary
  • “Wow Cindy! This is the first of your videos I have watched, and I have to say what a nice job! The camera angles were great and the picture was very bright and clear. Much better than the blurry, dark, jumpy videos I have seen elsewhere. If all your vids are this well done, then what a value your membership really is! Thank you so very much for sharing this one in particular with all of us. I am sure everyone who watches this will be able to use this method easily after watching you do it. Even if they have been intimidated by the skinner blend in the past. What a sweetheart you are to give us all this chance to see it.

    • PS: Im really happy my suggestion helped Rosemary. I know how frustrating something like that can be. You should have seen me learning to make mobius beads from a book. It was uuugly!! Or trying to figure out what was safe to glaze polyclay with 20 yrs ago when no one knew! I needed Cindy then!! LOL. XOXO” ~Jamie
  • “This was a wonderful video. You really make it easy for a new clay artist like myself. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.” ~Robert
  • “Hi, Cindy, Great tutorial! I see teardrop blends in my future. Your method is much easier than trimming up all those triangles. Clay is fun, but I flub things up without even trying. This looks like it just may be a flub-proof method. This is exciting. Thanks!” ~Cariad
  • “Hi Cindy & greetings from South Australia. Thank you, thank you, thank you. As a newbie clayer & ‘fly by the seat of mypants’ kind of gal, I found the precision measuring of the traditional skinner blend more than a little off putting – although the results are beautiful. I had most trouble with cutting the angles of the triangles. Your new method is VERY exciting, & have just altered my plans for my day off today, to include some experimentation of your technique. So once again, thanks for your generous sharing of knowledge & want to say how much inspiration I get from your wonderful site. cheers.” ~Sharispice
  • “Shear genius! Thanks so much for sharing this technique. Not only is it faster, it is far easier to get successful blends without all the trial and error.” ~Evelyn
  • “Hi, Cindy! I’ve just watched your video three times and all I can say is: Cindy Lietz – genius among us! Not only the teardrop shapes are helping a lot, but also the rolling. It is simply smart! Congratulations! And thank you thank you thank you!” ~Squash
  • “Fab teardrop method – no math required! I have never gotten a multicolor blend to work out for me. This is literally a no brainer. Thanks.” ~Debbi
  • “Cindy!!! You are brilliant!!! I personally think that this should be, and I will call this from here on, “THE LIETZ METHOD”!!! Cindy, you deserve the credit!!! You may just be recognized on a large scale in the PC world for this one, just as Judith Skinner has been for her method!!!” ~Cindy
  • “Oh Cindy: I just watched your video on the Tear Drop Method. I have two words: Brill-yant! What a great technique, and I hope it gets known as the Lietz Method throughout the polymer clayniverse. Thanks for sharing.” ~Deirdre
  • “Cindy, Wow! That was great. I can’t wait to try it. I always did have a problem trying to figure out the triangles when I wanted to do more than two colors. I just love your website!!!!” ~Susie
  • “I’ve tried the Skinner blend once, it was so complicated for me, a newbie, I just gave up, thinking I’d try again after more clay experience. Your method seems so much simplier, I’m going to try it today. Thanks for sharing. I love your site. Anytime I want to try something new I check here first. Thanks again for all you do.” ~Linda
  • “Thanks for sharing your idea with all of us. So simple – I love. Why didn’t someone think of this years ago?” ~Jules
  • “I love the fact that you don’t need a pasta machine for this since I currently don’t have one in my arsenal. Thanks again! I’ll be trying this out as soon as I can!” ~Jessica
  • “Wow cindy! I went to the clay table and tried it right out. I love the Skinner blend but it always took so long to do it and with my arthritic hands I would end up in pain before I was even finished. This one is so much faster and easier, thankyou so much for sharing it with us. I will always think of, and refer this one as the “Leitz blend. Much mahalo from Hawaii.” ~Norieta
  • “Kudos! You are to be congratulated on your creativity, your generosity, and your exceptional teaching skills.” ~Sandy
  • “I am new to polymer clay and yet even I recognize the innovative brilliance of this technique. I have only a roller and don’t plan to invest in more tools, so this is perfect for me. Thank you for sharing the video.” ~Susan
  • “Your teardrop method of blending is just too simple. I like the idea that you only need to use a small portion of clay to test out color combinations. Thank-you!” ~Barb
  • “WOW! I’ve been putting off purchasing a pasta machine for the Skinner blend because it looks so tedious. You are blessed with such a creative mind and now you’ve outdone yourself and have saved thousands of polyclay artists time, money, and frustration by inventing this unique alternative! Can’t wait to try it out, thanks Cindy!” ~Sharon
  • “This is a WOW for me. I love skinner blends but HATE things that take a long time to acheive….so this is PERFECT for me. Did I mention WOW? :)” ~Andrea
  • “Thanks for the video! I tried it and it’s amazing :D So much faster! :D I love doing blends now :P” ~Cindy
  • “Hi Cindy! Lietz Teardrop Blend! What a great shortcut! I’m so proud to be a member!I have missed alot of the excitement and I missed the video but I saw the tutorials and comments and will try to play catch up. So much has happened. I’m trying to find a time to read members and non members comments, download colors, find treasure hunt colors and breathe. You have made my days brighter! Thanks Cindy.” ~MaryEllen
  • “You are a genius! It’s like one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments when you smack your head and say “duh” as soon as I saw the pic in your article of the teardrops is was so clear! You rock!” ~Lindsay
  • “I’ve had a bit of a break from the internet, and look what I’ve missed! What a great idea, so simple and effective and easy. I do love Skinner blends and don’t mind all the precision but it just takes too long. You’ve solved that problem… how awesome.” ~Anna
  • Hi Cindy, Have really been impressed with many of your new techniques but just have not had too much time to comment. THE LIETZ TEARDROP BLEND IS AWESOME. Believe you should refer to the method as such and not as a Skinner Blend. When you use the Skinner method then call it a Skinner Blend. Your method is different with somewhat different results. YOU HAVE EARNED THE RECOGNITION!!! ~MJ

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Hi Cindy, Have really been impressed with many of your new techniques but just have not had too much time to comment. THE LIETZ TEARDROP BLEND IS AWESOME. Believe you should refer to the method as such and not as a Skinner Blend. When you use the Skinner method then call it a Skinner Blend. Your method is different with somewhat different results. YOU HAVE EARNED THE RECOGNITION!!!