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In This Vol-007:
Color Recipes:

1A. Blonde Wood
2A. Barn Wood
3A. Cherry Wood
4A. Walnut Wood

Video Topics:

1. Thread Beads
2. Cane Slice Beads
3. Faux Turquoise Beads
4. Makins Clay Extruder

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Customer Reviews…

  • “Great idea! I really like the wood look. It would be really good to have recipes for different types of wood.” ~Silverleaf
  • “I am so looking forward to seeing the upcoming recipes for the different shades of wood. It looks so authentic. I am definitely going to give it a try.” ~Lupe
  • “WOW all I can say is WOW. You have no idea how over whelmed I feel about what you said about my beads. I could never have made them without your video on thread beads. All your videos and tips are wonderful to newbies like me. Please keep up the great job. Thanks for the advice and information. I purchased your course and every bit of it’s helped me out. I refer back to it nightly and nonstop on the weekends. Thank you, thank you, thank you YOU ROCK!” ~Paul
  • “Once again I am just blown away by all that you share here Cindy!!!!! I am learning new things and I am soaking it all in….I am a newbie, I have been playing with clay for a few months now but nothing serious. I already make my own jewelry and thought how fun it would be to design my own items through clay. I am most interested in the canes….and there is so much to learn.” ~Pamela
  • “Very cool!  I have seen turquoise beads made in books, but it helps so very much to actually SEE it done!  I will try this method when my inner child comes out and really wants to make mud pies! (or when I want to make turquoise-like jewelry!) :)   I really like your longer videos like this one.  I really get absorbed into what you are saying and doing.  I always wish the videos weren’t over yet when they are, because you are such a nice person to listen to, you are so delightful, and your videos are so easy to watch with so much good information within. Thanks for showing us this method.” ~Cindy
  • “That was so much fun to watch! It amazes me how beautiful and realistic the [turquoise] beads are after sanding. I would love to see more faux techniques.” ~Maria
  • “Thanks so much for this video tutorial, Cindy! It really helps to see how this extruder works. As you already know, I bought the cheaper push type a few months ago… tried it once, and never again!!! It was soooooooo hard to get the clay to come out! I would have to be an Olympic athlete to be able to use it!!! This looks so much more simple, and I am excited to buy it when I get a little shopping money together. I also look forward to seeing you make canes using the different shapes that this gadget makes! Good video!!! Encore!!! Hugs to you.” ~Cindy
  • “Hi Cindy, Learning the techniques and applying them is what I recently joined for and have appreciated the videos, thank you. I think there is no other extruder to use [referring to the Makins Ultimate in Video-007-4]. I have tried those other’s and of course never had this result. Thanks for the comments and thanks for thinking enough of my little effort to put in here.” ~EK
  • “Cindy thanks for your instructions. They were easier to understand than the instructions on the back. Also I just purchased this extruder and it is easier than the push type. I didn’t get the case to hold the discs and extruder so your a lucky gal! This is something I thought about.If you use the alcohol to clean the end maybe it would make the 0 ring last longer if I put a little Armor All on the ring periodically. Working with cars we do that to all rubber 0 rings.” ~MaryEllen
  • “I am so glad I watched the video about the makin’s extruder. It had not crossed my mind about the vacuum that could build up if you pulled the clay out of the chamber instead of pushing it out with the plunger. Thanks for the tip Cindy.” ~Adrienne
  • I have a Makins Extruder and am having fun with it as I had only used it warily before now I’ve got beautiful mod canes I didn’t know I could do. I had been looking around here for quite awhile, not realizing there is so much more for you when you really join. So I joined only a few days ago, and found Cindy to be on top of everything and couldn’t do enough for me,and yes I feel I have found a like minded friend in Cindy. I don’t know when she sleeps, because as soon as I had emailed her she has come back with a reply which I needed to know about even tho we are in different time zones. How she does it all I don’t know I am so glad I have joined and have already made use of the content I have in my paid for videos. I have been Polying for about 4 yrs on and off , but being here has made me want to focus on becoming really good at what I do and with Cindy’s on going tutoring I sure will. It is so much better to see the videos and see how someone else does things. Thank you Cindy for being who you are and having such a passion for Poly clay and inspiring so many people. Keep up the good work I cant wait to get to the computer every day now. From another Aussie down under Madly passionate Polymer Clayist. Thank you Cindy.” ~Elizabeth
  • “Since I just ordered a Makins clay extruder this week, the tutorial in # 7 will be just in time. I have a Sculpey brand extruder, but it is smaller and getting harder to push the clay through. So I figured it was time for a step up. Especially since you have given me so many good new ways to use one. Now all I need to do is make a place to work with my clay until my studio is done. It seems to be taking FOREVER! XOXO” ~Jaime-H
  • Cindy, you are inspiring, and, as so many others have said, you really know how to teach some difficult things and make them clear and doable. ~Fran-V

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