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Vid-002-1 Making Skinner Blend Color Gradations
Vid-002-2 How To Make Skinner Blend Canes
Vid-002-3 Accordion Folded Skinner Blend Plugs
Vid-002-4 Cool Your Canes For Easier Slicing
Vid-002-5 Step By Step Mokume Gane Instructions

In This Vol-002:
Color Recipes:

1A. Sunflower Petal 1
2A. Sunflower Petal 2
3A. Sky Blue
4A. Sunflower Leaf 1
5A. Sunflower Leaf 1

Video Topics:

1. Skinner Blend
2. Skinner Blend Canes
3. Skinner Blend Plug
4. Mokume Gane

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