For the Affordable price of $9.95 (US) auto-billed every 3 Vol’s (works out to only $3.32 per mth plus a one-time set up fee), you will receive the following:

  • A six-part polymer clay video tutorial series every month… added to your membership library account on the first Friday of each month. You will have 24/7 access to these 6 videos for as long as you keep your paid subscription current.
  • There are sample video clips available for viewing at the Polymer Clay Library Back Issue pages, that will show you the quality of the content that is published at the library on an ongoing basis.
  • When you sign up for a new membership, your personal library account will start in the Volume that is current when you join… and will continue to grow with all Future Volumes (see how payments work info below, for full details).
  • Please note that the many months of archived back issues already published at the library, will NOT automatically be added to your personal account when you start up a brand new subscription. If things were set up that way, it would be unfair to all of the members signed up before you, who have been faithfully paying their dues month after month.
  • The subscription price of $9.95 (US) every 3 Volumes, works out to around $3.32 (US) per month (plus initial $9.95 setup fee). This is a 66% savings as compared to purchasing the monthly Back Issues individually. These back issue packages (4 to 6 video tutorials and 4 A-series color recipes) are priced at $9.95 (US) per volume.
  • To cover the costs of the various service providers who make it possible for me to offer the 66% subscription discount, there is an up front $9.95 (US) account setup fee (non-refundable), for covering admin costs.
  • Since I have kept the cost of my videos so affordable, there are no download options for the tutes. However, if you are the type of person that feels more comfortable being able to keep a copy of the videos on your own computer hard drive, I will soon have that option available (it’s on our 2015 todo list). But please note, the cost will be more in line with what other polymer clay instructors are charging for their downloadable training media. In other words, the price per tutorial will be significantly higher.
  • What CAN be downloaded and printed from your current library membership account, are the A-series color recipe cards. I currently bundle one 4 color A-series Palette with each monthly Volume. These recipes sets are based on studio-tested designer palettes that will help to keep your bead and jewelry projects looking coordinated and professional. You can see examples of these color palettes at the Back Issue Archive pages. Please note, there are also B-Series color recipes that you may have seen referenced at my blog. These are available to you as well… for free… but only if you are subscribed to my Polymer Clay Guest List Newsletter.
  • What you also receive when subscribing to the the Complimentary Guest List Newsletter, are links to bonus videos including quick tips, product demos and even mini-tutes… usually around 6 videos per month.
  • There is no long term commitment associated with becoming a paid library member. You can cancel your paid subscription at anytime by letting us know at least a week before your next renewal payment is due. This will give enough time to process your cancellation request before a new charge is billed. Post dating cancellation requests is not possible. In other words, your account will be canceled on or around the date that you submit your request to be canceled. So to keep your account open for as long as possible, be sure to communicate in the week just prior to when your next subscription payment is due.
  • Please note that if you do decide to cancel your subscription payments, or if you don’t keep your payments current, you will lose access to any and all content (videos / recipes) that were previously available in your account. This includes content that was added during your subscription period as well as any back issues that you added as one-time purchases. The reason for this is because there is a cost for me to keep your account active. Each time you watch a video or download the recipe cards, I get charged for bandwidth. The low $3.32 per month membership fee covers these costs. Hopefully this all makes sense to you.
  • Also note that that due to the minimal amount you pay for the subscription tutorials, coupled with the high cost of what it takes to reverse a charge, I do not offer refunds. It was either this or raise prices. So hopefully you understand my reasoning here too.
  • By the way, in most cases, canceled members are welcome to re-subscribe at a later date. But you should know that the library system has no memory. What this means is, your future account status will start in the Volume that is current when you re-join, and it will not include any videos / recipes that had previously been added to your library account. Plus you will have to pay the non-refundable setup fee again, to cover your account set up costs.
  • COPYRIGHT TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Polymer Clay Tutor (PcT) videos and color recipes cards are sold and/or distributed for personal use only. This means you cannot re-sell, re-distribute, share or teach the techniques demonstrated, without first obtaining written permission from PcT that says otherwise. That being said, please know that we are very approachable. So don’t be afraid to propose any business ideas you may have. One thing about our PcT copyright terms that may be different from what you have seen elsewhere, is that you do have permission to sell and show what you’ve made based on what you have learned from our PcT materials… as long as you make it by hand (i.e. not mass produced using high volume mechanical tooling systems). Providing us with some “inspired by” credit is always appreciated… but for your own sake, it is best if you put your own spin (brand) on the techniques, so that your artistic voice shines through. That is one of the main reasons why I teach in a way that is very “open-ended” and filled with options. Thanks for your understanding and compliance with these copyright terms and conditions.
  • Wow, I think I got it all. Sorry about having to include so much info on this one page. But you’ll probably agree that it’s best if you are fully informed up front about how everything works. No hidden surprises or anything like that. Should you still need convincing as to whether this membership program is right for you, the best thing to do is spend some time reading feedback at the “What-Others-Are-Saying” Member Benefits pages. Otherwise, click the “Add To Cart” Button just below, and I’ll see you in the library!

If you have read and agree to all of the terms listed above, and want
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Polymer Clay Tutor Shopping Cart << This “$19.90 Add To Cart” button will allow you to subscribe to my Polymer Clay Tutor Library for the affordable price of only $9.95 (US) billed to your credit card every 3 Vol’s, plus the one-time $9.95 set up fee (full details). You will receive a 6 part video tutorial series, plus a 4 part A-series color palette, on the first Friday of each month.


  • Here’s how the quarterly subscription payments work. When signing up, you pay your first $9.95 quarterly payment plus the one-time, non-refundable $9.95 (US) setup fee, so that your first payment is $19.90 (US)… as was discussed above. This starts your membership on the exact day that you sign up, and then your library will continue to grow from that point forward (also discussed above). Your credit card will then be charged the ongoing $9.95 amount, in advance of the next 3 Monthly Volumes of Content scheduled to be added to your library account… until you cancel. Lots of detail… yes… but I want you to be clear on how the billing system works so that there are no surprises when you see the charges on your credit card statement. If you need to, please read through this paragraph again for clarity. If the amount of your quarterly membership dues needs to increase, you will be notified in advance. The best way to lock in the very low rate of only $3.32 per month, is to use the annual payment option (see next paragraph).
  • If you want to lock in the very low rate of only $3.32 per month… and/or if you prefer the convenience of making simple annual credit card payments instead of quarterly…  then click here for Yearly Option. This is great choice if you don’t always watch your email for notices about credit card expiry dates and things like that. It is not uncommon for members to end up being away from their computers for extended periods of time, due to health or travel reasons… and unfortunately, some have returned to canceled library accounts. Fixing unintentional cancellations will always require extra service charges because of the manual processing that is required. Here is the annual payment link again, if you are interested in this option: Paying Yearly With Your Credit Card
  • Alternatively, you can use PayPal to make quarterly payments. But please note that due to the extra service charges required to offer this option, the cost is 20% higher than using your credit card directly as outlined above. The ongoing PayPal auto-debits work out to $11.94 per quarter instead of $9.95 >> the PayPal Checkout Page Is Here. You can not pay annually if you want to use PayPal.

For the Very Affordable $9.95 (US) quarterly option (plus the one-time $9.95 setup fee), use the $19.90 Add To Cart Button above.